The key question that you have to ask yourself as an organisation is; Am I building the right things, and am I building them right?
Nothing is as wasteful as building something nobody needs or something that cannot be properly used and in some cases it's the former and the latter.

This question brings you at the start of a journey where we, ARQS, can be a valuable partner in helping you deliver high quality software.
If you are looking to increase your software quality for the following reasons, you came to the right place!

  • Lack of communication

    Building the right thing starts with asking the right questions and involving the right people, software is a people business

  • Code quality is poor

    Bad application architecture and poor code quality will haunt you as from day one, don't build your castle on sand

  • Bugs eating your budget

    Bad quality code is hard to maintain up to the point nobody dears to touch it anymore, unless the pay is worth the risk

  • Keep going in circles

    Quality is not difficult to understand nor hard to implement, step one is admitting there is a quality problem, step 2 is fixing it

  • No quality ownership

    If you think a tester has quality ownership, think again. Quality is a team effort and not solely a one person's responsibility

  • Bad quality kills innovation

    If you are too busy fixing problems, you will have nor the time nor the budget to spend on innovative ideas to boost your organization